2 new RADWIMPS PVs, Noda Yojiro injured

Hot off the release of their latest album, ×と○と罪と (batsu to maru to tsumi to), RADWIMPS offered up two new music videos today. First is the baseball-themed epic 会心の一撃 (kaishin no ichigeki), which was shot in an actual stadium in front of 1,500 extras.

The second PV for 五月の蝿 (gogatsu no hae) is quite literally a bloody mess. Enjoy.

In other RADWIMPS news, the band has announced that Noda Yojiro (Vo.) fractured his left ring finger in a fall last week and as a result will perform the remainder of this year’s scheduled shows as a vocalist only (no guitar or piano). This will affect their appearances at year-end festivals RADIO CRAZY in Osaka on December 29th and COUNTDOWN JAPAN in Tokyo on December 31st. The band is also scheduled to begin an extensive tour “RADWIMPS LIVE TOUR 2014” in support of the new album on February 5th, 2014.

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