andymori’s back


In case you missed it, the news that andymori fans have been waiting for is finally here. It’s been almost a year since Oyamada Souhei’s injury led to the cancellation of the band’s final tour, but having undergone months of rehabilitation he was able to enter the studio in May and seems poised to give andymori the send off it deserves. The 6 shows listed below will be their last. See andymori’s official site for comments from the band (Japanese).

andymori ワンマン ひこうき雲と夏の音
7/21 大阪城野外音楽堂 (Osaka)
7/27 Zepp Tokyo (Tokyo)

8/7 Talking Rock ! FES. 2014 (Osaka)
8/12 恵比寿LIQUIDROOM (Tokyo) *w/ the telephones
8/20 千葉LOOK (Chiba) *w/ HINTO

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