andymori 4th live DVD and Budokan live


During the encore of what was to be andymori’s final performance at SPACE SHOWER SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2014 on August 29th, with just two songs left to sing, Oyamada Souhei turned to his bandmates and asked if they’d like to play one more show. The surprise request left fans hopeful and sent their management team scrambling to make it happen.
Sure enough, today the band announced one more “last live” to take place at Nihon Budokan on October 15th.

In slightly less unexpected news, andymori will release their 4th live DVD on October 8th. It will contain their full set at Zepp Tokyo on July 27th, as well as a selection of songs from each of their other five “comeback” performances (up to and including SLS 2014). The 2-disc DVD will also include various documentary features and is set to retail for ¥5,800. Be sure to check out the official preview below.

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