Shimotsu Koji (Odotte bakari no kuni) new band GOD


Long time, no blog.  I’ve been keeping tabs on GOD since they showed up on Twitter (@GODxxxxxBAND) last month because who doesn’t love a super band, right?  Their lineup features Shimotsu Koji (Odotte bakari no kuni, The Acid House.) on vocals/guitar, Hamano Kaya (Gateballers) on guitar, jan (GREAT3, jan and naomi) on bass, Teranuma Kosei (ex. QUATTRO, Golden Katies!!) on drums, and RIKI HIDAKA on guitar/synth.  It’s a pretty impressive group.

Their first shows are at 神戸太陽と虎 on 9/19 and 下北沢SHELTER on 9/21 where they will be selling their first demo CDR (if anyone reading this manages to get one, you know how to find me).  But for the geographically-challenged among us we can still get a taste of their sound thanks to a series of studio sessions they’ve shared on tsukumogami’s YouTube channel.  Check out my current favorite, OH MY DARLING, below.

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