Oyamada Souhei new song

In case you missed it on the Twitter feed, Oyamada Souhei (AL, ex. andymori) has released a new song called インタビュー (Interview) on his Soundcloud and the Sparkling Records YouTube channel.

Romanized lyrics below the cut.

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OTOGIVANASHI new album and movie


OTOGIVANASHI also has a new album coming out this fall (on October 26th to be exact)!  ISLAY will be their 8th studio album and includes the track めぐり逢えたら (Meguri aetara) which you can hear in the trailer for the new movie 溺れるナイフ (Oboreru Knife).  I don’t know much about the movie, but it looks very dramatic.

Speaking of movies, Yamato Yuuki’s おとぎ話みたい (Otogi Banashi Mitai) will finally be released on DVD and Blu-ray on November 2nd.  This was first screened back in 2013 as a part of the MOOSIC LAB music and film festival and I’ve been waiting to own a copy ever since.  COSMOS was originally written for the film and the band later released a music video for the song featuring its lead actress, Shuri.  OTOGIVANASHI even makes an appearance as a group of sensitive juvenile delinquents.  Check out the preview below.

Track List
2. ブルーに殺された夢
4. セレナーデ>>MUSIC VIDEO
5. 蒼い影
8. 天国をぶっとばせ
9. 太陽の讃歌
10. めぐり逢えたら
11. 夜明けのバラード

おとぎ話みたい (Otogibanashi mitai)

KUDANZ new album and MV


Another great thing that happened while I was neglecting this blog, KUDANZ came back, started touring again, and announced a new album.  The release date for 血の轍 (Chi no wadachi) is November 11th, but you can watch the gorgeous MV for 最後の江ノ島 (Saigo no Enoshima) right now.

Track List
1. 光の渦の中で
2. 世界中で
3. 苛々するわ
4. 触れたいよ
5. 釣行思考
6. お気に召すまま
7. 静かなオーシャン
8. 最後の江ノ島
9. 君は知らない
10. 死の塔の上で
11. ロングロングタイムアゴー

最後の江ノ島 (Saigo no Enoshima)

Shimotsu Koji (Odotte bakari no kuni) new band GOD


Long time, no blog.  I’ve been keeping tabs on GOD since they showed up on Twitter (@GODxxxxxBAND) last month because who doesn’t love a super band, right?  Their lineup features Shimotsu Koji (Odotte bakari no kuni, The Acid House.) on vocals/guitar, Hamano Kaya (Gateballers) on guitar, jan (GREAT3, jan and naomi) on bass, Teranuma Kosei (ex. QUATTRO, Golden Katies!!) on drums, and RIKI HIDAKA on guitar/synth.  It’s a pretty impressive group.

Their first shows are at 神戸太陽と虎 on 9/19 and 下北沢SHELTER on 9/21 where they will be selling their first demo CDR (if anyone reading this manages to get one, you know how to find me).  But for the geographically-challenged among us we can still get a taste of their sound thanks to a series of studio sessions they’ve shared on tsukumogami’s YouTube channel.  Check out my current favorite, OH MY DARLING, below.

True – dolphin kick MV

True’s debut mini-album, どこにもない場所にあるトゥルーピアと本当の気持ち (doko ni mo nai basho ni aru Truepia to hontou no kimochi), is due out on April 8th.  In the mean time, check out their kickin’ first music video for dolphin kick.

踊ってばかりの国 – ほんとごめんね MV

Apologies abound in Odotte bakari no kuni’s latest music video, ほんとごめんね (honto gomen ne).  Their new album SONGS is available in stores now.

まちぶせ – マジごめん MV

Watch two thirds of machibuse shirk their bandly duties in the マジごめん (Maji Gomen) video.